Mel Domina

Mel Domina


Mel Domina is latin for 'honey lady'  i thought this was a fitting & beautiful names as she smells like HONEY and looks amazing!


She is hand poured & made up of our 100% pure, raw & food grade New Zealand manuka honey beeswax with a cotton wick


Even though she is a candle she is mainly for ornamental uses as she is so beautiful and 'to pretty to burn', but if you would like to burn her she burns for an hour & the remainder of beeswax that is left behind can be used for diy projects (like balms - beeswax wraps) or in your wax melters so there is no waistage 



* like any candle please

- dont leave your candle unattended 

- keep away from children 

- bee careful around any flames

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Our Honey Is Sold Every Saturday At The Tauranga Farmers Market

OHWAX Products Are Not At The Tauranga Farmers Market Every Saturday But I Update Market Information Here Every Week Our Next Market Is : 1st May - Mount Little Big Market

 Please Select The Pick Up Option At The Check Out Then In The Comments Section Let Me know The Date You Wish To Pick Up.

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